Lightning Tai Chi, Inc.

Lightning Tai Chi, Inc. (aka LTC in short) was formed in Oct. of 2002 and became an official nonprofit organization in Oct. of 2012. Its membership grew from less than 10 individuals started in La Mirada, California to well over hundreds of students in at least 8 practice locations in Southern California. It promotes and shares its Tai Chi Chuan practices and experiences with people of like mind. Its members practice Tai Chi Chuan as a means to maintain & improve their health. They also study and practice the internal martial art application of each form and Nei Gong to enrich their internal strength and vitality.The age of the students ranges from the teen to senior citizens who are in their 80’s but majority of them are between 30’s and 70’s. Master Bob Hsing from Taiwan is its founder, chairman of the board and chief instructor.

We devote our time to the study of traditional Yang style Tai Chi Quan through the practice of the simplified 24-Form, 42-Form, 48-Form, 42-Sword competition routine, simplified traditional Chen style Tai Chi Quan, broad sword, double-edged sword and the Tai Chi Nei Gong.Tai Chi Classes for different levels are held on weekdays, weekends, and nights currently in La Mirada, Brea, Cerritos, El Monte, Walnut, and Diamond Bar in Southern California for a duration of about 1.5 hours each. All visitors are welcome to join and the class is free to the public.